All of our shelter systems can include but are not limited to accessories such as:

  • Catering Equipment
  • Generators
  • Environmental Control Units (Air Conditioning)
  • Corridors
  • Interconnectors
  • Ramps
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Flooring Options
  • Waste Water Reticulation
  • Storage Solutions
  • Electrical and Plumbing Fit Outs
  • Medical Equipment
  • Wash Basins
  • Decontamination Sinks
  • Sun/Solarshades
  • Trailer options


Rola-Trac flooring is a hard modular flooring that is deployed by simply snapping the pieces together. This flooring can be used for short on long term deployment and can be deployed over a PVC floor for more of a secure surface.

The flexibility of the Rola-Trac floor enables it to be deployed on slight undulating ground due to connectors being rounded. The tiles can also be quickly connected which reduces the time to erect the floor in deployment.


Solar Shades are used to further reduce the temperature inside our shelters by approximately 5-6 degrees Celsius in hot weather. This not only provides further comfort for personnel, it also keeps sensitive equipment protected from the heat.

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