GDS supplies and maintains a range of versatile deployable catering options that are bespoke and tailored to your needs. Our deployable kitchen range is easily transportable and rapidly deployable and available in a range of options to suit your requirement. The kitchens are autonomous, utilising quiet diesel generators and high efficiency multi liquid fuel burners.


The field kitchen trailers are simple and easy to use, versatile, rapidly deployable and mounted on an off-road chassis/axle for easy transport. Trailers are available in a range of configurations, including multifunction combi-ovens, kitchens, bakery, dishwashing, cold storage and depending on the configuration and can produce meals for up to 500 personnel in the field. The trailers are easily deployable in around 30 minutes by only two personnel.


Kitchen platforms simple and easy to use, efficient and versatile. They are economical, environmentally friendly and the unit is compact and self-contained.

Kitchen platforms are capable of producing meals for up to 1000 personnel in the field, depending on the model. Kitchen equipment configuration is customisable, and can include combi-ovens, kettles, pressure cooker, fry pans and woks. All modules are stainless steel and industrial capacity units for efficiency and easy cleaning. The platform is 14m² elevated off the ground with handrails. Unit can be fully enclosed with four removable PVC tarpaulin walls, which provides comfort and protection from harsh conditions including dust, sand, mud, rain and snow.

The platforms are able to be fully deployed and ready to operate in 30 minutes by two personnel.

The platforms are transportable by flat rack or 2 platforms per 20′ ISO container. They can be moved by forklift, or the option for removable rollers with two ramps and a hook lift ring to allow loading the platform into an ISO container without a forklift. Platforms are transportable by air, sea, and by truck or trailer.

The various items of equipment each use an individual multi-fuel burner unit and together with a small diesel generator, provide autonomous power generation.


The kitchen containers are a larger product that is suitable for large deployments and exercises. The containers are ISO certified 20’ containers. They are available in a single container option or the double container configuration. The kitchen containers can prepare a range of meal options for up to (and above) 1000 meals in one sitting. The containers are extremely versatile in their configuration allowing maximum efficiency and output. The ELC 150 and ELC 500 products (and accessories) are in service with the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force.


GDS’s adjustable preparation tables are made from stainless steel, are sturdy, with adjustable height and fold for easy and compact storage. The tables allow easy, safe and hygienic food preparation and service. The tables are designed and manufactured in our South Nowra facility.


GDS’s versatile and adjustable DCS portable ramps can be adjusted to span the length between two deployed kitchen containers to allow for easy passage of personnel and equipment between two sections of the kitchen. They enhance efficiency and easy workflow. The ramps are made from aluminium and are fully designed and manufactured at our South Nowra facility.


Bain Maries are made of stainless steel for durability and easy, hygienic maintenance. They are portable and allow easy, efficient serving for a large volume of personnel.

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