Laundry facilities provide hygiene and convenience to personnel in the field. The units are autonomous, durable and easily deployable. Options include trailer, platform or container depending on the requirement.


Field laundry trailers are designed to be easily transportable and are mounted on an off-road chassis/axle. They are fully autonomous and include a full cycle capability (washing, spin dry and drying) and are designed to support up to 150 people in the field. They feature pre-set programs for ease of use, including dedicated medical standard cycles to wash hospital linen. When deployed, the trailers can be fully enclosed to provide protection from the elements to personnel during use.


Laundry platforms are very versatile and designed to be a complete laundry cycle solution, encompassing washing, spin drying and drying. The platforms can support 150-250 personnel in the field, and can process up to 26kg of dried laundry per hour. Wash cycle options from 30 to 85 degrees Celsius allows for medical standard washing of hospital linens. Aseptic washing machine option features separate ‘in’ and ‘out’ openings for soiled and cleaned linen to eliminate contamination and ensure hygienic production at all times. The dirty and clean areas are further separated by a PVC coated canvas divider.

Recycling water tank allows reuse of water from the last rinse in the next pre-wash. This reuse of grey water means less water consumption and reduced environmental impact.

The platform is 14m2 and elevated off the ground and protected by handrails. Unit can be fully sheltered with four removable PVC tarpaulin walls, which provides comfort and protection from harsh conditions including dust, sand, mud, rain and snow.

The platforms are able to be fully deployed and ready to operate in 30 minutes by two personnel.

The platforms are transportable by flat rack or 2 platforms per 20′ ISO container. They can be moved by forklift, or the option for removable rollers with two ramps and a hook lift ring to allow loading the platform into an ISO container without a forklift. Platforms are transportable by air, sea, on a truck or trailer.

The various items of equipment each use an individual multi-fuel burner unit and together with a small diesel generator, provide autonomous power generation.


The Laundry Container is a 20 ft ISO expandable container designed to support 500 to 1000 people in the field. All equipment is industrial heavy duty type. The container is efficient, provides autonomous power generation and is able to be deployed in around 1 hour.

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