GDS designs and maintains a range of modular, containerised fully integrated and expandable hard shelter systems to Defence, emergency services, humanitarian and disaster relief organisations. All containers are CSC plated, ISO certified and stackable for easy transport. The standard size means they can be transported by road, air or sea. Our experienced team can design and customise a solution for your requirement. Capabilities include but are not limited to; ground support, command centre, workshops, administration, Secure Compartmentalised Information Facility (SCIF), catering, hygiene, medical applications and more. Internal configurations are designed to your specifications and installed in our South Nowra Warehouse. Expandable containers can be fitted with Air-Conditioning units for comfort in the field.


EASiā„¢ – Expandable, Accessible, Secure and Intermodal.

GDS has designed the EASi container with flexibility in mind. The EASi core frame is certified, not the actual container. This allows the user to modify and reconfigure the container to suit requirements, changing the walls, floor or roof. Without the need for additional certification, you reduce costs associated with certification variants, logistics and spares. The container is transportable via road, rail, air (including C130) or sea. The units can be accessed via all five sides and linked to created a larger workspace. The system has a wide range of Military and Civilian applications, including accommodation, weapons platform, SCIF, stores transport, all hospital requirements, fuel, power and secure shipping.

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