The soft shelters in the V-Series range are durable, reliable, effective and easily transportable. They feature a patented, lightweight, state-of-the-art folding frame design.  The simple but robust design allows the tents to be rapidly deployable and able to be erected in around 5 minutes with only four personnel. This saves time and reduces the training required. The shelters provide full protection from wind, snow, rain and sand, as well as blackout. The shelter is constructed with an inner liner that hangs from the main frame. The external thermal fly is an external solar shade that then covers the entire structure, providing protection from extreme radiant heat transfer from the outside environment to the inside of the shelter. This provides comfort and protection to personnel.

The tents come in a range of sizes and options that can be configured to your individual requirements.

  • V series shelters can stand up to 110km/h constant wind and gusts of up to 130km/h
  • They can support up to 50kg/m² of snow load over a period of 12 hours
  • They can withstand 50 l/m² /h of wind driven rain over a period of 30 minutes
  • Insulation liners can be changed in-situ.
  • No ladders are required to erect the shelter
  • Thermal fly can be reversed to exhibit different colour / camouflage
  • The blackout capability has been tested at a distance of 100 metres by the naked eye and at 300 metres with night vision goggles

The V series of shelters can be used as COLPRO shelters thanks to the addition of the optional CBRN resistant inner liner and an air filtration unit. COLPRO shelters are designed to protect people in contaminated areas, and can be set up as a command post, medical, sleeping area, etc.


GDS supplies and maintains all soft shelter systems. We partner with leading manufacturers to ensure that we can provide the best solution for your individual requirement.

GDS has a proven track record over decades of supplying and maintaining the Weatherhaven range of soft shelters for the Australian Defence Force.

Contact us to discuss the soft shelter range that is best suited to your individual requirement.


The shelters are designed to be fully adaptable to global situations. The position and fixing of lighting and electrical systems, the plenums, division curtains, etc are optimised for ease of set-up and use in order to improve logistical operation. These shelters can be easily fitted with our range of air conditioners for added comfort in the extreme conditions.


GDS interconnectors are durable and compatible with our range of hard and soft shelters. The interconnectors are fitted with a precise seal, providing full protection to personnel against a range of environmental conditions, including rain, snow, wind and dust. The complete seal allows for the use of portable air-conditioning for full comfort and protection of personnel in the field.

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