The SERT Shower Trailer is an instant morale booster, both male and female personnel. No requirement for separate male and female showers.You simply take your boots off outside the cubicle and step in fully clothed still on and with your weapon. No concerns about security of your weapon whilst you shower as its inside the cubicle with you. Weapons, webbing and clothing are placed in watertight velcro’d compartments, then reach up and its instant hot water no worries about how many have gone before you. if the water bladder is full its hot water all the way. Dry yourself off and step out into your boots and immediately refreshed and ready for action.  I have personally seen the benefits of the 8 cubicle trailer on the initial entry into Kabul and found them to be a fantastic asset. Is to pack away and relocate on site and easily pulled  by a landrover type vehicle.